Security Manager


Our Security Manager allows for complete management of operator accounts and their associated privileges across your enterprise. This includes changing passwords (via Password Wizard), adding/deleting accounts, modifying access privileges and more.

What can be reported?

  • Review operators and their security attributes via an x,y matrix display
  • Sort by region, operator, store or security attribute or in combination
  • Copy selected data to Excel or Word for further analysis or data to syslog via the SAM Security Integration Module
  • Identify problem stores/operators where a password may have been changed manually by the user during a telnet session, or even directly in the store

Command Line Monitoring Benefits

  • Filter data by range of dates, operator or Command Line Data type
  • Sort by region, operator, store or security attribute or in combination
  • Monitor Command Line Logs to help strengthen PCI compliance

Functional Benefits

  • Users can maintain their password from a remote location using secure FTP
  • Administrators can add new users to stores by “cloning” an existing user, along with their appropriate security attributes
  • Administrators can review all users and their security attributes across the entire chain, by region or by individual store
  • Ensures that all operators have the appropriate security attributes

ROI Benefits

  • Simplifies compliance with PCI standards by reducing manual workload and replacing multiple inefficient processes for maintaining and assessing compliance
  • Simplify identity and access management processes and administer remotely, saving time and money when compared with manual management
  • Facilitates a proactive versus reactive stance to POS issues allowing for greater flexibility with resources

Password Wizard Benefits

  • Records when users last updated their passwords in each store to help determine when passwords need to be updated, avoiding delays due to expired passwords
  • Keeps track of which stores were successfully updated and which stores were not
  • Runs the wizard as many times as necessary until all passwords are the same in each store
  • Gives meaningful feedback to the user if the password update fails due to enhanced security restrictions, alerting the user if their password is too short, too long or doesn’t contain all of the required characters