Sales Explorer


The data engine for the Sales Explorer has the capability to read almost any file on the 4690 System. If you run 4690 SA, GSA, CSA, or SUREPOS ACE, the Sales Explorer can extract that data and provide detailed accounting  information – per store, cashier and transaction – for the purpose of updating the general ledger, comprehensive loss prevention, real-time sales monitoring, etc.

What types of information can it provide?

  • Report Gross Sales, Item Sales Count, Voids, Refunds, Discounts, Store Coupons
  • Report all Department Sales Information
  • Track Item Movement on any item with a UPC in the stores (drinks, meats, coupons)
  • Report EFT Credit and Debit information such as Online Approval Count and SAF Approval Count
  • Generate reports utilizing real-time sales data (Store Recap Reports, Negative Entry Reports, Cash Reports)
  • Export sales data into excel spreadsheets, or print “as displayed” in the Sales Explorer client view

Cashier Training/Loss Prevention

  • Report cashiers with over $5 in voids
  • Report cashiers with a scan percentage below 80%
  • Report the over/short for all cashiers
  • Report the 20% of cashiers with the lowest items per minute
  • Report the 20% of cashiers with the lowest customers per hour
  • Report cashiers with meat sales lower than 5% or greater than 15%
  • Report cashiers with produce sales lower than 8%

Architectural Benefits

  • No point-of-sale application coding
  • No integration required
  • Deployment is rapid and can be handled remotely
  • Utilizes a plug-in architecture to easily extend the scope of audit-able content
  • No need for additional hardware at each store; a PC/server at corporate will communicate directly with each store controller, and clients only communicate with the corporate devices
  • Scalable design with minimal impact on enterprise hardware and network infrastructure