Health Explorer


Health Explorer monitors activity on the controllers and alerts HQ staff (via e-mail, text, etc.) when issues arise that could impact functionality at the stores. This includes monitoring hardware, EFT status, PIN pad status and equipment serial numbers.

What is being monitored?

  • EFT status
  • Background applications
  • Critical OS functions
  • PINpad status
  • Hardware serial numbers
  • Terminal health statistics

Functional Benefits

  • Near real-time monitoring of OS 4690 environmental status
  • Automated exception based reporting
  • Customized alert thresholds
  • Optional remote management capabilities

ROI Benefits

  • Simplifies compliance with PCI standards by reducing manual workload, and replacing multiple inefficient processes for maintaining and assessing compliance
  • Reduces the risk of store downtime through proactive POS infrastructure monitoring and system maintenance
  • Reduces the level of effort required to maintain the environment

Improved Operations

  • Receive critical health alerts via email within 60 seconds of the event occurrence
  • Telnet directly into the controllers from health explorer
  • Preemptively monitor store systems to reduce business interruptions and improve IT and Help Desk efficiency

Architectural Benefits

  • No point-of-sale application coding
  • No integration required
  • Deployment is rapid and can be handled remotely
  • Utilizes a plug-in architecture to easily extend the scope of audit-able content
  • No need for additional hardware at each store; a PC/server at corporate will communicate directly with each store controller, and clients only communicate with the corporate devices
  • Scalable design with minimal impact on enterprise hardware and network infrastructure