Ace Personalization Manager


Provides unprecedented visibility and control over ACE Personalization settings across all stores from a centralized application, allowing our clients to compare, modify and validate these settings with ease and confidence.

What does it do?

  • Dynamically recreates ACE Personalization screens in a modern user interface
  • Makes any setting managed by the ACEPERSL application available to be viewed/compared/modified quickly, easily, and confidently
  • Supports customer specific ACE overlay files out of the box
  • Applies all the same validations as ACEPERSL to ensure erroneous data cannot be entered
  • Allows repeatable scheduling of deployment/installation at one or more stores
  • Provides positive verification of changes

Functional Benefits

  • Manage ACE Personalization settings from a single location and apply changes to any/all stores on a scheduled basis
  • Easily validate the changes were applied successfully
  • Email alert capability

ROI Benefits

  • Reduces the time/skill required to make an ACE Personalization change at any number of stores
  • Allows for positive confirmation of changes at all stores – no spot checking, no surprises
  • Improved Operations
  • Removes the complexity of hand building ACE Personalization update files
  • Extends base ACEPERSL functionality by allowing multiple updates be applied as a single transaction (if one fails, it all rolls back)


  • Utilizes ACEPERSL executable to apply changes (no worries about file structures)
  • No point-of-sale application coding
  • No integration required
  • Deployment is rapid and can be handled remotely
  • Utilizes a plug-in architecture to easily extend the scope of audit-able content
  • No need for additional hardware at each store; a PC/server at corporate will communicate directly with each store controller, and clients only communicate with the corporate devices
  • Scalable design with minimal impact on enterprise hardware and network infrastructure