Customer-Based Software Products


Our solutions are comprised of a collection of products created with our customers’ needs in mind, and have been improved through years of continued development. These products include:

> Audit Explorer

> ACE Personalization Manager

> Security Integration Module (SIM)

> Health Explorer

> Sales Explorer

> Security Manager


  • Reduce business interruptions
  • Accelerate Help Desk response time and prevent escalation of store issues
  • Give IT tighter control over store systems and enable them to speed up problem analysis • Hardware serial number reporting and software version reporting
  • Strengthen the security of your POS—including SIEM integration capabilities
  • Satisfy PCI File Integrity Monitoring requirements • Enable your associates and third-party vendors to easily maintain a consistent password across all stores
  • Unattended deployment, installation—and verification of software installations—across your enterprise, allowing you to install with confidence
  • Compare and modify ACE personalization settings across your entire enterprise
  • Compare your POS across the entire enterprise to find inconsistencies that could negatively impact your business
  • Easily conduct deep comparisons of stores for troubleshooting purposes
  • Receive real-time data on sales to help you make better decisions faster
  • Receive more detail per cashier to improve efficiency, address training needs and prevent losses

How do our products work?

The application that collects the data from the store systems at intervals determined by the client, then delivers the data to a server at your headquarters called the Store Information Server (SIS). This server can be any windows-based PC that has access to all store controllers on your WAN. The information collected on the SIS mirrors the accounting information as it exists in your IBM POS application, and the SIS can archive this information for as long as desired.