Security Integration Module (SIM)


This product allows vital information from the 4690 OS – as well as other modules within the SAM Portal Software Suite – to be utilized and analyzed by any security monitoring tool or service.

The Security Integration Module (SIM) gathers event and system information logs from the OS, adds alert information from other SAM Portal products, and translates it all into a Syslog feed that can be picked by your existing security monitoring infrastructure.

For the first time ever, your security team can now see the 4690 OS environment in the same monitoring tool as the rest of your enterprise.

SIM Benefits

  • Feed OS 4690 security or operational relevant data to your Security information and Event Management (SIEM) or log monitoring tools
  • Customizable data streams
  • Improve security and operational situational awareness
  • Generic Syslog output can be used by virtually any security tool set


  • Facilitates the integration 4690 OS security data with advanced security analysis tools such as a SIEM
  • Facilitates cross-correlation of 4690 OS events with back-end and security infrastructure
  • Facilitates a single view of the enterprise for use by security professionals

Functional Benefits

  • Enables security event cross correlation between OS 4690, windows and other platforms
  • Add other components of our Portal Suite to give context to the raw 4690 information for a powerful security monitoring solution
  • Simplify security policies, processes and procedures by eliminating the ‘4690 OS silo’

ROI Benefits

  • Simplifies compliance with PCI standards by reducing manual workload, and by replacing multiple inefficient processes for maintaining and assessing compliance
  • Reduces security staff training and awareness on the 4690 OS by providing data in a way they recognize and understand
  • Facilitates a proactive vs. reactive stance to POS issues allowing for greater flexibility with resources


  • Native OS 4690 event and system information logs
  • OS 4690 command line logs
  • An extensive/highly configurable set of alarms generated by the SAM Store Portal, including File Integrity Monitoring (FIM) change alarms, alerts if a PIN Pad serial number changes at a lane, etc.