Contact Us

Contact Us

Members of the SAM Group Team can be reached at:
11 Smith Hines Road
Greenville, SC 29607

Sam Kelly, CEO/Owner
Jason Thomason, President
Greg Moody, Vice President of Software Development
Angie Kelly, Vice President of Administration
Marc Lynn, Vice President of Sales/Marketing
Gary Griffin, Vice President of Customer Relations
Greg Benton, Director of Software Development
John Poore, Director of Store Portal Development
Lelia Krueger, Director of Administration

The people of SAM Group, Inc. are a team of Store Automation Professionals with extensive and comprehensive knowledge of the Retail POS environment, centering mainly on, yet not exclusively on the Supermarkets. Team members are technology professionals that have worked as value-added re-sellers, and as staff members at tier-one supermarket chains. This combination provides a unique perspective, and a “big picture” approach to customer’s needs.

We sell TGCS POS Hardware and Software complemented by the right peripheral hardware to meet our customer’s requirements. SAM Group developers have written user exits and other applications that surround the POS with added capabilities that have been driven by customer requirements. We build what our customers tell us they need and don’t waste resource on speculative R&D. Our services include: System Integration, Software Development, Staging, Installation, and Training.

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